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How can we help
We can assist you to trace your Family
a). In Central Taranaki

b). Anywhere in New Zealand

c). Worldwide
There are a number of ways we can assist you
a). You can e-mail us to find out if we have any relevant information about your family.
b). You could visit us at 52 Juliet St,Stratford.
c). You could write to us c/- 55c Broadway North, Stratford, 4332.
d). Via our Facebook Page Stratford Branch NZSG.

We will do an initial search for you and if we have relevant information, we charge $20 plus photocopying (pre-paid) and postage (send a suitable size stamped, addressed envelope).
You can visit the Library and do your own research for $7 plus photocopying.
You can become a Branch member and receive support to do as much research as you wish for the price of the membership fee, plus photocopying.(and postage if relevant)

    Branch Subscription
    $25 annually
    $30 joint subscription
   This includes the Branch
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